Nothing is worse than feeling “out of control” of your business! I know that sick feeling when cashflow is running low, and frustrations start to rise. Ignoring the signs of cash flow trouble doesn’t solve anything. You need to get hold of the steering wheel and take full control of your business.


As a director, it’s YOU who is ultimately responsible for your business. No one else.

It’s YOU who is ultimately liable for the losses. In many countries, the director gets sued when something goes wrong or when the company collapses.

Let me share with you a few truths in the world of business:

  • The ‘board of directors’ (even if it consists of one person) is responsible for the performance of the company
  • Whether you like it or not, running a business means you are severely liable for everything
  • Oftentimes, you won’t easily understand what went wrong and why
  • You need to be accurate with your facts and provide reports to the board of directors for corporate compliance.

Running a successful business also holds secret keys. One important key to success is reporting the company’s activities on a weekly or monthly basis. Personally, I prefer a monthly board report to stakeholders. Even if they don’t ask, presenting a company report displays your professionalism.

Kelvin Davis

Why do you need a board report?

  1. You cannot manage what you do not measure!
  2. BEFORE meeting my bank manager, I send him reports for the last three months. Then we meet to discuss how the bank can help me, not what the bank wants from me. (There is a big difference between the two)
  3. When I produce reports to other financial experts (such as financial advisers, business coach, etc.), it creates the impression of a professional no-nonsense business that sets standards
  4. Board reports help the ‘board of directors’ track the company share value each month. Therefore, any potential shareholder dispute is resolved before it comes up, because everyone is on the same page. Equal access to information presents transparency for every member of the board
  5. Graphs, whether good or bad, show a clear direction. Project it forward to two cycles to ensure you are ALWAYS in control
  6. Board reports helps you manage your KPI’s, harnessing your discipline in implementing systems in your business
  7. With a board report, the biggest issues are easily seen and presented. Sometimes, it is the top three biggest challenges presented in the report. Keep the facts (not the emotions) up front
  8. Ratios are easily measured and understood
  9. Graphs and diagrams will explain the meat of your report. Keep it simple and easy to understand
  10. Managing cash flow forecasts becomes easy when you know the incomes and expenses.

My name is Kelvin Davis and I am running nine separate businesses, in four countries, with over 60 staff. I know exactly how you feel on good and bad business days. When I was just starting, I had difficulty in collating all the information that I have in a comprehensive but easy-to-understand report. I realized I didn’t have a template!

And then, I thought, other business owners could be facing the same problem!

So, I created a premier board report template including a cash flow forecasting tool and shared it here so you too can manage your business and cash flow.

I personally use this template each month and now, it has been downloaded hundreds of times and already being used in over 20 countries. Feedbacks from clients have proven that this template works for all businesses, regardless of the size.

This Board Report Template and cash flow forecast charts are designed to be simple. It uses accounting lessons practiced by big accounting firms, translated into layman’s term so everybody can understand.

KPMG, Ernst & Young and BDO all gave me complex reports which I hated, because they are too taxing. I told myself, reports shouldn’t be this complicated! So I created a “how to report”, then cash flow management charts that simplified all the terms and results. We have also simplified the accounting data entry, so you won’t have a hard time.

I am proud to be able to share this with you, so you can also be successful, regardless of currency, country and products sold.

This websites focuses on giving you The Board Report Templates, cash flow templates plus educational materials for business owners and board members, nothing else!

What will change for you?

  • Increased cash flow
  • Controlled business growth
  • Liabilities are managed
  • Corporate compliance reporting easily mastered
  • Maximize business controls
  • Controlled regular profits

board report template

NOTE: If any of these areas are not important to your specific business, you may remove the sections and add your own.

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How to complete the Board Report Template?

The basic information is filled in by your:

  • Bookkeeper
  • HR Management
  • Business Manager

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board report template

What do we offer?

Board Report Template

Is the Board Report Template hard to complete? No.

But if your bookkeeper has difficulty, we can fill out the Board Report Template for you.

I know that data entry for the last 12 months is hard, but once done for the first time, it becomes really easy one month at a time. Click here to avail our the financial data entry services. (You can always come back later and avail this service)

Do you need an account on our site to purchase the template?

YES. This is to record your contact details to update you once new board report templates are available. We will send updates to you directly.


If the template does not work or you are not happy with it, we offer you your money back. This applies to purchases made up to 4 weeks earlier.


Confused or worried about the report content? Let us know your questions. Call us at +61 (7) 3118 9594 or message us at sales@boardreporttemplate.com. We are happy to answer your questions.

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