Nothing is worse than feeling “out of control” of your business!

When the cash dries up, so does your mouth!

I know that sick feeling in the “pit of your stomach!”

 Sticking your “head in the sand” solves nothing.

As a “director” YOU are ultimately responsible for your business.

As a director you are ultimately liable for the losses. These are really sobering thoughts.

Sharing the truth;

  • The “board of directors” (even if one person) is responsible for the performance of your company
  • If you like it or not, you are joint and severally liable. Keep informed with all the facts
  • Often, you do not understand what went wrong, and why
  • Or you need to provide accurate reports to the board of directors (for corporate compliance)

There are some secrets to running a successful business. The single and most Kelvin Davisimportant part is reporting the activities on a weekly or monthly basis. (my preference is a monthly)

Why have a board report?

  1. You cannot manage what you do not measure! (Seriously!)
  2. I always offer my bank manager the last three months reports BEFORE we meet. Then when we meet, we discuss how the bank can help me, not what they want from me. (A big difference here)
  3. When I produce these reports to any other financial management (financial adviser, business coach etc.) they see a professional no nonsense business.
  4. Potential shareholder disputes are resolved before it even comes up (everyone on the same page, business value and responsibilities) How? Simply we track the company share value each month, (regardless of the business size) therefore an audit and valuation is not needed. All shareholders know the value each month.
  5. Graphs clearly show the direction, projecting forward for two cycles ensuring you are ALWAYS in control.
  6. Discipline, giving you the performance KPI’s a director needs. Implement systems in your business, allows you to manage it from anywhere, anytime.
  7. The three biggest issues are easily seen, and displayed. Keeping the facts (not emotions) right up front. Legal notices always under control.
  8. Knowing and measuring the ratios (These are explained in detail making it easy to understand, good and bad)
  9. KISS. No “NEED to know how” to interpret the numbers, the graphs do it for you. (Keeping it real simple)

My name is Kelvin Davis, I am responsible for 9 separate businesses in 4 countries. This means that I must know exactly what is happening in each of the business and countries at any point in time. To do this, I use the board report template that is available on this site.

I personally use this Board Report Template each month, and now this report is being used in over 20 countries. Customer satisfaction and feedback proves the Board Report Template works for all businesses, regardless of the size!

This Board Report Template is designed to be SIMPLE. Using the accounting lessons shown by the big accounting firms, then we simplify the terminology and statistics back to my basic understanding. KPMG, Ernst & Young, BDO gave me the complex reports, and I hated it. So we collected the “how to report” and simplified the results. Now the report contains all the information in a simple uncomplicated way. Their accounting tricks allowed us to generate this report for our businesses, keeping their “complex stuff” out!

Now I am proud to be able to share this with you so your business can also be successful, regardless of the currency, country and products sold.


Here are some of our customer’s feedback

“Thank you, it is just what I needed”  Mr Abdul Ghani, (United Arab Emirates)

An extremely professional job ” Mr David Condwell, (Canada)

“Thank you for your quality work” Mr Paul Lawton, (Australia)

Exactly what i needed” Mr Casper Hese,(Spain)

Get my report template now “Click the button”.


This Board report template includes the

following sections,

Sneak Preview board Report Template

  1. Three biggest issues
  2. Marketing (physical and on line)
  3. Social media activities
  4. Sales
  5. Operations
  6. Finance (graphs and charts)
  7. Human Resources
  8. Board correspondence

If these areas are not important to your business, remove the sections you do not want, then add your own, it is really that simple.


I am giving you a money back guarantee that it will report your business or I give you money back. (up to two (2) months from purchase) I know after you look at your first report 2 reports you will be excited at the results.

This one web site is focused on giving you JUST the Board Report Template, nothing else. No nonsense approach, just straight up and truthful.

What is the outcome?

This Board Report Template is focused on;

  • Increasing your cash flow
  • Growing your business
  • Managing liabilities
  • Corporate compliance reporting

How do you complete the Board Report Template?

The basic information is filled in by your;

  • Bookkeeper,
  • HR management
  • Business Manger with their comments

Is it too hard to complete?

If your bookkeeper has problems, I guarantee to fill in this Board Report Template (from your bookkeeping data) for a fixed price regardless of the “size of your business”. Why this guarantee?

Because I know and understand the last 12 months data entry is harder, but once done the first time it is real easy, with one month at a time. Click here for the financial data entry shopping cart. (You can always come back later and purchase this)

Two simple options to choose from.

  1. Premier board Report Template (Word document plus 3 x excel files)
  2. Basic board report template (Word document plus 2 x excel files)

The difference, a cash flow projection, cash flow graphs and extra excel file in the premier board report template.

Get my report template now “Click the Button”.


If you are worried about the report content or purchasing, just call us anytime on +61 (0) 7 3118 9594, or sales @ boardreporttemplate.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

YES, you will need to create an account on our site.This is to record your contact details for when any Board Report Templates updates become available.

We will send updates to you directly.

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